Friday, February 12, 2010

Alabama Snow

Snow does not come often to Birmingham, Alabama. When it does, it is an event. Even when most of the country is buried under several feet of the white stuff, a few inches can elicit really strange behavior around  here. I mean it can make us do some really strange things!   My friend and I have been trying very hard to persuade another friend to join us in water aerobics class, as our other friend suffers greatly from arthritis. She has been reluctant to join us in the pool due to some body image issues. So we planned a "surprise" desensitiation party. How were we to know that the day of our surprise party, we would get a surprise of our own!?!We decided to view it as an opportunity. We are women. Hear us roar!!


  1. You brave soul! You just need the Miss America wave and you're ready to go on stage. Learning new and wonderful things about you every day. Oh my gosh!

  2. I LOVE the bathing beauties in the snow.