Thursday, November 12, 2009

Flying Time

How in the world did so much time get away from me since International Quilt Festival? It was SO MUCH FUN! I meant to fill all of cyberspace with my experiences and impressions! In self defense, I DID help my 93 year old aunt sell the house where she had lived for 51 years, buy a new condo, move, get settled and hold a two day estate sale.Also, I am new to Blogger, and have been a little afraid to get started. But...throwing caution to the wind, here goes!

Eye of the Quilter
I was thrilled to see my "Spirit of Charleston" picture in the Eye of the Quilter exhibit. I inserted a very opaque image of myself as a little girl into a photo I had taken of an old cemetery in Charleston, S.C. I used this photo as inspiration for a journal quilt; and, hopefully, a short story.

Here is my friend, Frances Alford , with her photo. Francie is my long-time friend; and is totally responsible for introducing me to the wonderful world of the International Quilt Festival and art quilting in general.


  1. Welcome to the world of blogging - it is so nice to see you post something. Still looking for all of your photos of feet - they are marvelous.

  2. I own a quilt shop in northern NH, and the essence of what I want my quilt shop to be was summed up in your "Confessions of an International Quilt Festival Groupie" in the International Quilt Festival: Quilt Scene.
    Thank you for sharing these word, which I will undoubtedly quote often:
    "Every head that pops out is invited to join the fun and most of them do, wearing their pajamas and bringing their own wine, chocolate, and scissors. We gently slip into that space between our inner selves and outer selves; the space between women, where their souls meet so creativity and relationships flourish."